Savory Menu


Buffalo Chicken $9.95

Cheese blend, grilled chicken tossed with buffalo

sauce,  green onions, and blue cheese crumbles

Bacon & Egg $8.95

Mild cheddar, bacon, and egg

Madame $8.95

Cheese blend, ham, and sunny side egg

Aloha $8.95

Cheese blend, ham, and fresh pineapple

Cowgirl $7.95

Brie cheese, fig jam, and arugula

Monsieur $7.95

Cheese blend and ham

Meditteranean $8.95

Classic hummus, feta cheese, basil pesto, diced tomatoes, and spinach

Turkey & Pesto $9.95

Cheese blend, roasted turkey, diced tomatoes, and pesto ​

Alaskan $9.95

Cream cheese, lox, capers, and green onions 

French Riviera $9.95

Cheese blend, grilled chicken, artichoke hearts, diced tomatoes, and basil​​

Crepe Add-on's

+ Avocado $1.00

+ Greens $0.75