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Sweet Menu

All Sweet Crepes include vanilla powdered sugar and fresh whipped cream.

S'mores $9.25

Graham crumbs, marshmallows, & chocolate chips 

Lemon Curd $9.25

French lemon curd, & fresh raspberries 


Banana Delight $10.95

Vanilla custard, fresh bananas, and Argentinian dulce de leche


+ Ice Cream $1.50

+ Banana $1.25

+ Strawberries/Raspberries $2.25

Sweet Tooth $10.95

Fresh strawberries, fresh bananas, & Nutella


Cookie Butter $10.50

Biscoff cookie butter, bananas, & cookie crumbs 

Neapolitan $9.25

Fresh raspberries, white & dark chocolate chips 

Strawberry Romanoff  $10.95

Vanilla custard, fresh strawberries, & Nutella 

Bird's Milk $10.50

Marshmallows, Nutella, & fresh strawberries  

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